Easing Clinical Practice Initiative is a creation of the Medical and Dental Consultants’ Association of Nigeria to offer professional litigation protection and assistance to members who register for the initiative. The focus is both preventive and interventional.



  1. Help members evaluate interactions in their  day to day work 
  2. Help members obtain legal representative if required and Offering of medico- Legal advice to members on regular basis.
  3. Organise sensitization programmes on health and other related issues for members of the public.
  4. Cater for welfare of members by providing comprehensive support  and required expertise for members
  5. Providing assistance to members that will enhance professional outcomes
  6. To provide practice shield for members and the public
  7. To grant and make veritable provision that will enable all the members to actualize their potentials.
  8. Ensuring a better life and living for all the members and their families.

Who is a member?

  1. Membership shall be open to all consultants, irrespective of religion, culture or other heterogeneous features and must be of good conduct.
  2. There shall be a probation period of three months for all members who are joining the Association after full registration of the organization; provided that existing members before full registration of the association shall assume full status of membership while new members assume full status of membership after three months with proven good conduct and co-operation.
  3. There shall be two categories of membership to be known as: Active members and passive members: Active Members are those who regularly pay such fees and dues as may be prescribed from time to time by the general executive council: and are actively committed to the course of the association by way of commitment; Passive members are those who are not financial members ipso facto; and are inactive.

How to register

  1. Fill out the registration form
  2. Pay the assigned levy which is prescribed by the General Executive Council from time to time. 
  3. You will access to the rules and regulations and other important documents

The Board of trustees

  1. Prof. Owoidoho Udofia
  2. Prof.Suleiman Giwa
  3. Prof. Balarabe Sani Garko
  4. Prof. Stanley N.C. Anyanwu           


  1. The Chairman:
  2. Vice Chairman:
  3. Secretary:
  4. Financial Secretary:
  5. Public Relation Officer:
  6. Welfare Officer:
  7. Legal Adviser
  8. Treasurer

Activities of the Easing Clinical Practice Initiative (ECPI) 

  1. Will keep a web presence to disseminate information for members and other doctors
  2. The ECPI will retain lawyers to represent members
  3. Members will have options of having ECPI lawyers  represent them
  4. Pre-emptively educate members of how to conduct themselves with difficult patients
  5. To assess their risks when they suspect they may have issues with specific patients
  6. Inform the ECPI as early as they suspect problems
  7. The ECPI will attempt a pre-trial settlement in select situations
  8. Seek liaison with other MDUs in other countries
  9. To promote mediation rather than litigation, as the first course of action in cases made against members